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        ( is a trading platform focusing on contract making. The platform adopts the CFD trading mode to weigh the spot prices of three major global mainstream exchanges, namely Yuanyan, OK and Firecoin, to ensure the fairness of the prices, so as to avoid the forced bursting of the inserts due to price manipulation.

        Bithope We are committed to building a global intelligent cash flow ecosystem, increasing the liquidity of the asset market in the block chain, so as to achieve the expected effect of the industry's cash flow linkage.

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        Bithope Features: Safe, fast and reliable needle insertion can operate in both directions. Provide lasting contracts, 100 times leverage, with the least amount of money to achieve 100 times earnings, make more money.



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Jacob Graduated from MIT in Computer Science. He has more than ten years of professional programming experience. Jacob has served as technical officer for two technology companies (Tixelated and Global Brand Solutions of Hong Kong). He has also contracted web applications for many other companies. Jacob's main area of expertise is building modern real-time web applications and interfaces, and he is a regular contributor to open source projects.

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Ethan He graduated from Yale Economics and worked as a stock derivatives trader in Hong Kong after graduation. He is a market maker for Deutsche Bank and Citibank's Exchange Trading Fund (ETF) business. Ethan has a profound understanding of how to construct and trade financial derivatives.

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Graduated from Yale University and then worked as a strategy customizer in the financial trading system in San Francisco, USA. He has provided a lot of forward-looking financial advice to financial companies in San Francisco, and has a useful and sensitive market perception. He is very accurate in judging market orientation.

Blockchain Trading Platform

        Bithope is a secure, stable and efficient digital currency trading platform for global users, providing the best service experience. The self-developed matchmaking system can handle millions of transactions per second. And with the world's many regional chain giants to carry out in-depth cooperation.

        The trading mode of Bithope platform is different from the traditional digital currency trading mode. It adopts the futures trading mode, that is, it realizes the possibility of obtaining larger returns with less capital. At the same time, the loss is relatively enlarged, and customers will not hold the corresponding currency during the transaction. Instead, the platform issues trading instructions, pays margins and handling fees, and carries out actual transactions in major digital currency exchanges by the platform according to customer's trading instructions. The profit of the actual transaction belongs to the customer, and the loss is borne by the customer's margin. This platform only charges the user's handling fee.

        Our core team comes from top Internet and financial companies. The team has profound academic and practical experience in Internet product development, network security, block chain technology, block chain technology translation, financial services, auditing, especially high-frequency trading and quantitative trading. Since its inception on August 1, 2018, Bithope has served digital currency traders worldwide with professional management team, safe and stable asset management and high quality services.


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